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Yes friend if you are looking a contact number of Delhi Escort Agency for erotic service then we have published this article so that you may find out about them individually contact number. Unlike no other agency provide this contact number but we have given through this article because here by you deal directly regarding service and ask whatever services want from them in this respect. So price margin reduced in this aspect just click this link in last our story we are saying about Mr Anil who had contacted this agency to take revenge from his friend because a jealous environment created there to take revenge from them contacted Delhi Escort agency.

As Miss Lovely represented on behalf of Delhi Escort Agency she has to play very special role like a drama occurred in movie same she had to perform. While they were making a plan to go picnic spot where couples like to go and make Romantic Movement. The day was of Sundaysince morning preparing for picnic out of Delhi City for 2 to 3 days was program for this they had packed their luggage and took a car to go there Anil had not any girl friend his role was like a driver who had to drive so he had called miss lovely to give shock them while they are ready to go like similarly previous time handed over the key of the car and said him to drive allegedly he started to drive the car few while distance he picked up Miss Lovely who was his girlfriend( a casual girlfriend booked by Delhi Escort Agency) they got set back and ask for introduction about her since she given her introduction to his friend to see her his friend tempted .

The way was distance of 200 miles that to be covered need a 5 to 6 hours and she was sitting on front of the car nearby Mr Anil and he stated to talk very romantic seeing this situation, Neha was  observing jealous and misbehave with his boy friend because he was not paying attention on her rather trying to talk with Lovely so as Anil wanted same happening. While they approached at that place four of them was sit on the ground with mat.

The moment was very funny Miss Lovely many times attracting his friend as the role of drama so that Miss Neha left away him so she had played very crucial role in this respect. Mr Anil went to market outside the ground to buy something special for this.

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The time was 9pm they have booked two rooms in hotel before sleeping they are having dinner together on dining table after finished dinner they had to go in to their room but Anil was thinking some different at this situation so he had to approach miss lovely playing final role of this drama so that it brought special result in this in this fact.

Now twist was to enter in this story as She stated her physical efforts to draw the attention of him so she had started to flirt with him and made romance so he started romance with his friend and quarreled with him and get result she was started to weep and need sympathy from his friend same happened his friend show the sympathy with her and hugged her seeing her Miss Nisha got angry and she started to fight with him she was very upset at that moments she also need the sympathy and same she was expecting from Mr Anil then he shown Sympathy and that night they had changed partner Mr Rakesh had to stay with Miss Lovely and Mr Anil had to stay with Miss Neha.

While they had awaken up  early morning get separate and reached at final destination while miss lovely had went back at her room she had not contacted to Mr Rakesh in this respect he had lost Neha who was his real girl friend in the affair of her despite lost his friend and mr Anil and Neha married to each other and he such as taken his revenge.

So if he did not insult him then this revenge thought not created in his mind and everything remain in peace but where he had started to show his power then lost all things and learned a lesson from the life who lives close should does not insult him so in this respect he considered this fact and here

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